TheKingdom ChoirFoundation

Our music, our mission

The Kingdom Choir Foundation is a new charity aiming to drive social change.

Rising from the passion and belief of the founder and members of The Kingdom Choir

The Foundation will work to transform lives through the power of music.
The Choir already has an impressive track record of engagement in projects and programmes supporting diverse communities across the UK and beyond.

TKCF is as passionate about change as it is about music. Now you can help us to bring our message of positivity and renewal to a wider audience, impacting lives and empowering communities.

Our vision

A world where thriving and wellbeing isn’t a privilege but a way of life.


Our vision is based on the belief that in order to create healthy and thriving communities, people need the spaces, tools and confidence for personal and collective change.

Research conducted by numerous organisations makes it clear that the wellbeing and outcomes of specific communities are low. We want this picture of society to change, with more people thriving in key areas such as employment, wellbeing and social mobility.

Why us?

Culturally Diverse

We are a wonderfully diverse group with members from different cultures and backgrounds, helping us to make meaningful connections with many communities.

Supportive Network

We are connected to a vibrant network of musicians, artists and creatives who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organisation.

National Platform

Our connection with The Kingdom Choir, brings great opportunities to maximise the awareness the Foundation can raise and the impact it has.


The Choir includes several teachers, tutors and mentors with a breadth and depth of vital qualifications and experience.

Strong Trustees:

Our trustees have expertise honed over decades across law, business, senior education, psychology and grant management.


How it works

Music speaks to us all. It rouses our passions and helps us to dream.

For more than twenty years The Kingdom Choir has been using music as an irresistible key to unlocking the confidence in those crying out for personal and collective change.

We have seen with our own eyes and heard with our own ears the impact music can have in creating the spaces, connections and internal conditions which inspire transformation.

We’ve witnessed the way it can empower a struggling student plagued by fear of failure to start their own business.

We’ve watched an emotionally exhausted parent learn anew how to love and care for themselves again.

We’ve shared the joy of an isolated, elderly person, rediscovering the way music can bring them together with others so that they are lonely no more.

We do this by harnessing our deep understanding of the power of music to design and deliver unique programmes and projects focused on supporting marginalised people and communities; because music builds “Creative Confidence.”

What’s creative confidence?


Creative confidence is the sense of empowerment which grows from self-expression.

It is unmasking. It is revelatory. It is unfettered. True creativity allows us to love ourselves, to embrace our individuality and that of others.  Without confidence we cannot achieve positive change, individually or in our communities

Through the work of the foundation, the possibilities to do and to dare become limitless as we help people to explore and realise their potential by expressing themselves in new and experimental ways.

Stories of creative confidence

Three years ago, you visited our School to do a gospel workshop and I can say it literally transformed my life

As a very shy 11 year old and new pupil at the school, to be chosen as a soloist in the concert at the end of the day, not only helped me make new friends, but gave me such confidence that I have just taken my grade 6 singing exam…

...I can hardly believe that I'm known for my smile nowadays having spent so long looking glum! Singing... has had such a monumental impact on my life…

My daughter’s passion was for the gospel choir.

In her last year, she co-directed it, and through winning a competition, took the choir to perform at the Royal Albert Hall. Her confidence blossomed. She gained her PGCE, worked for a reputable Music Service and then secured her current role. She teaches solely music in a challenging area… singing with the children is her passion and she’s had such a positive impact. And it all stems from singing!

I was so inspired by hearing you sing, hearing your stories and inspiring them to be the best that they could be!

So many students have told me they want to be in a choir next year and I can't wait to work with them and to work with you again!


Our aims

Everything we do is geared to three central aims of the Foundation’s work:

Nurturing growth through connection

We design the opportunities we provide to encourage people to be their true, authentic selves. They gain the confidence to connect with themselves and to build new connections with others.

Unlocking potential through creativity

We go in search of hidden talents - the value and potential often lying undiscovered in individuals. Our aim is to support as many as possible find the treasure within and discover the right paths and opportunities that will allow them to flourish.

Creating change through community

We are better together. Our vision for personal and collective change can only be realised with the help of, cheerleaders, friends and mentors. Creating change can be tough and it can be frightening - but it’s easier and less scary when we work together in a supportive community; friendly faces who share your story, propelling you to become the best you.




Seven central values inform everything we do:

An irrepressible belief in that of which people are capable
A determination to give our all and not hold back on our passion
Finding and revealing the treasure inside everyone
Nourishing the good things which already exist in people and communities
Harnessing creativity as source a of energy, inspiration and confidence
Valuing our differences and what they can teach us
Affirming the type of Leadership needed now and for the future