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Stories of creative confidence

Three years ago, you visited our School to do a gospel workshop and I can say it literally transformed my life

As a very shy 11 year old and new pupil at the school, to be chosen as a soloist in the concert at the end of the day, not only helped me make new friends, but gave me such confidence that I have just taken my grade 6 singing exam…

...I can hardly believe that I'm known for my smile nowadays having spent so long looking glum! Singing... has had such a monumental impact on my life…

My daughter’s passion was for the gospel choir.

In her last year, she co-directed it, and through winning a competition, took the choir to perform at the Royal Albert Hall. Her confidence blossomed. She gained her PGCE, worked for a reputable Music Service and then secured her current role. She teaches solely music in a challenging area… singing with the children is her passion and she’s had such a positive impact. And it all stems from singing!

I was so inspired by hearing you sing, hearing your stories and inspiring them to be the best that they could be!

So many students have told me they want to be in a choir next year and I can't wait to work with them and to work with you again!